Thursday, July 7, 2016

SOUTHERN LEYTE: Day Tour at the Capital City

After 4 hours of travel from Tacloban City via Duptours, I finally arrived at the capital city of Maasin. The integrated terminal with adjacent market and shopping center caters the people of Maasin as well as the needs of neighboring town in Southern Leyte.

Since I have my offline map in my smartphone, I walked the streets of Maasin City, looking at the bay where families had their morning swim. After few minutes, I’m already at the city plaza, surrounded by the stone cathedral and city hall. Students had their dance practice when I got there.

Before roaming around the city, I checked-in at GV Hotel branch where I had my reservation beforehand. I really like the ambiance of budget-friendly but decent rooms they offer for backpackers.

I looked outside and saw the monument of Our Lady of Assumption at the top of the hill. From the city center, you can hail a tricycle going to ascent point at minimal fee. However, I chose to walk so I can gaze at the old houses along the highway, still with my offline map.
Provincial Library

Scaling the steps leading to Jaleca Hills where Our Lady is perched, it rained heavily but it didn’t stop me to reach the peak as I have my reliable umbrella. No entrance fee in the pilgrimage site but make sure to keep quiet and surrounding clean.

Once I reached the chapel behind the monument, I uttered my simple prayer, thanking Him for letting me reach this place safely. From this viewpoint, you can see the city center on the right and the azure bay near the horizon.

Bidding farewell to Jaleca Hills to visit the capitol two kilometer away from city center. I tried to wait for tricycle but it seemed they won’t fetch me so I walked instead. It was not that humid so I enjoyed the scenery along the highway. When I got to the capitol complex, I saw this “I Love Southern Leyte” sign within the sunken oval. No way will I waive this moment so I took a selfie. Some employees seen on the complex are busy as they’re going to celebrate Southern Leyte’s Foundation Anniversary. Repainting of roads, buildings and fixtures in the grandstand are on works. 

Finally, after taking a picture of capitol’s fa├žade, I rode a tricycle leading to terminal to start my journey in Baybay City.   

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