Saturday, March 11, 2017

SIQUIJOR: Afternoon tour at the provincial capital

I slept within the one-hour ride and when I saw a glimpse if the port, I opened my eyes and we’re ready to disembark. Following the passengers’ queue going out of the port, I found my way walking until I got to my accommodation in the island for 2 nights: Das Straum Guesthouse.
Welcome to the Port of Siquijor!

It looks like a mansion on the outside: Dastraum Guesthouse

On my way, I saw the famous triangular park with bell tower, church and welcome sign greeting tourists in the island.

I left my things first and paid for my accommodation (Php826 for 3D2N via Agoda site).

Roaming around the town by walking is the best to know the place. First stop is the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish near the port or commonly known as Siquijor church. The church is made of stone and in cruciform layout. The adjoining convent was likewise made of stone rubble. 

The bell tower stands independently from the church in the middle of the plaza. This arrangement suggests that the tower also served as a defensive structure, a watchtower to warn the people of approaching danger.

Established in 1783, the original convent a few meters away from the church was made like a fort to fight the frequent marauding of pirates. Now, it is within the school grounds and serves as the church’s museum.

The place is relatively peaceful as I led my way to the municipal hall and public market. 

I saw motorcycles parked beside the covered court and one of the owners offered me a habal-habal ride to capitol as I knew beforehand that it’s very far from town center (Php20 one way). Found out that this is the fastest way to roam around from point to point as tricycles usually reserved for passengers with large baggage and transport from one town to another, unless you’re in a group of 3 or more.

Arriving at the capitol grounds, it rained very hard so I sought refuge at one of the huts nearby. Then I went inside the capitol to go to tourism office to have some guide maps for my trip the next day. The staff led me to the office and I humbly asked for maps and they handed me pamphlets. I do this to have more information about the place and luckily, I was able to do this in a weekday. I went back via habal-habal and ate dinner before going back to guesthouse.

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